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Big update today: New authentication, New team list, Registration restrictions, and many other things …

New features

✨ New connection route!
No more shared cookie problem, Player Tag now asks if you agree to share your informations with Playce.

✨ New player space, it now shows all stages and matches

New Features
When the checkin phase is over, you have access to the different phases of a tournament
In these phases, all matches will be updated automatically and a cartridge constantly encourages you to meet your future opponent
Messages accompany you through these phases and the next steps to follow

The match view is also improved with:
The current match is now visible
The winner is more obvious
The team is displayed near the player avatars level in the chat
Administrator messages are highlighted
How to call an administrator is explained for more understanding
Context messages help to better understand the actions necessary for the proper functioning of the match
The design is more refined which makes this space more elegant and of course it remains customizable according to your colors

Improvements and fixes
🐛Minor translation corrections and graphic adjustments

Work in progress
🏗️ Redesigned tournament details page, to provide more context and details on the tournament

New features

✨ New list of players registered for a tournament

You will find in this list all the advantages of the new list of participants in the event, with the additional possibility of managing the check in.

✨ New team list registered for a tournament

New Features
A clearer, more efficient and detailed view of the important informations of the participating teams.
The possibility to quickly see which are the complete teams and the information of the captain
The possibility to search among this list via the team name, but also pseudo, first name, last name, email and phone number of the players in the teams
The possibility of reordering the list by registration date and by team name
The ability to filter complete or incomplete teams
A visible warning if the team contains a minor player or if he changed his Player Tag during registration
A detailed view for every teams allowing you to edit it and quickly see the necessary informations for each player, as well as the invitations in progress.

Team List
Team Details

✨ Geographical restrictions for a tournament
You now have the possibility to restrict access to your tournament by indicating the possible countries. Go to the ticketing section of your tournament to manage this restriction.

Improvements and fixes
⬆️The new Player Tag authentication is now taken into account
⬆️The list of tournaments for your event are separated into 2 (published and drafts) and the performances are improved in this view
⬆️Increased amount of player informations in chat, no doubt about the players you are chatting with
🐛Fixed minor graphics and translation bug

Work in progress
🏗️Improvement of general performance
🏗️New management of seeding (player placement during phase preparation)
🏗️Technical overhaul of authentication due to the new management of cookies by browsers

New features
✨ New SSO connection route
As announced above Player Tag fulfill its role of SSO across the Playce ecosystem

✨ Geographical restrictions
During the registration process, the player is directly informed on the list of tournament tickets