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Hello everybody! Here are the latest updates coming with this release note: new article management and new tournament page 🎉

New features

✨ New tournament page
It was time to step up a bit for this vital view that is your tournament’s home page. We have taken your feedback into account and hope you will like this new template!

A much more refined space highlighting the information of your tournament and clarifying all the informations available.
The poster is now used, you are free to express your creativity in 1440 x 400 px.
A sidebar filled in before the technical information of the tournament: Information of the game, game mode (solo or team), the conditions of participation and the cash prize.
The winner is highlighted in a new block and a win / loss ratio is displayed
Finally a dynamic block accompanies you throughout the duration of the tournament whether you are registered or not. This block indicates to you, if you are well registered, if your team is complete and informs you of the tournament stage in order to redirect you to the appropriate spaces. If you are not registered this one informs you of the progress of the tournament. Finally if you are invited to join a team, you can see it directly here.

Here is an extract of the 22 possible states of the dynamic block

✨ articles [Closed beta]
For some organizations, you can now display your articles in a dedicated section

List of articles highlighting the last published
A simple detail view to facilitate reading.

Next options are coming personalize and add videos and images to your articles ... Stay tuned for these next addons.

Improvements and fixes
⬆️Improvement on authentication, you are now connected to all sites with the domain
⬆️Improved language detection to always redirect you to the language most suitable for you.
🐛Fixed a bug that could display a horizontal scroll bar on the home page

New features

✨ Publication of articles [Closed beta]

A writing experience which, we hope, will allow you to keep your community informed but also to highlight your activities.

A list highlighting your drafts and allowing you to quickly browse your articles
An editing view offering you writing comfort and quick access to save, publish or adding a poster.

Improvements and fixes
🐛Correction of a bug on the edition of the score in the ranking in Free For All mode.

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ Registration route: The geographical or age restriction for a tournament is now indicated before clicking on the tournament