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Summer's update: create your website from the manager, new style options in article's edito...

New features

✨ Compatibility of the interface to manage an organization's website

Inclusion of tournaments outside an event
Default menu containing Tournaments and Games
Footer logo

New features

✨ New style options and content in article's edito

You can now add bold, italics and underligned text
You have the possibility to add link
You can add an embedding (youtube, twitch, slideshow...)

✨ Creation of tournament outside an event (named orphan)

The full tournament's creation route directly from the organization's dashboard
As well as the full tournament's management without going through the event item
This brings also the possibility to create customize complementary fields and mandatory fields per tournament

✨ Creation of your website

You can create your ""'s website by yourself directly from your organization's place
With the choice of URL that you like
With the choice of the theme: dark or light

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ The register's slots in teams are now taken in account only if the team is full
⬆️ Add of a warning into the dashboard when no tickets were created to notify that no one can register
⬆️ The tickets' management possesses now it's own view to ease the management
🐛 Fixed minor interface bugs

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