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Back-to-school program: complement for the League format, simplified navigation and management seeding improvement

New features

✨ Ranking system explanation
During a tournament, a new button in menus Results and Ranking is available to explain the ranking system of the format

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ Improvement of the chat in the matchs to a better communication between players and with admins
🐛Fixed minor bug

New features

✨ Add of elements in the dashboard

Presence of a list of tournaments and events in the organization's dashboard

✨ New link way between Playce and Playce Manager

From a new button in the event's dashboard, you can navigate to your website
From the connected menu of your Playce website, you can navigate to your Playce manager view if you are a collaborator of the organization

✨ New settings for the League format

For the League format, it is now possible to choose the _heat-to-head- option to decide on a tie
For the League format, it is now possible to choose the points granted for a win, a tie and a lose match

✨ Seeding overhaul

Research of participants
Quick action of seeding (random, by registration date...)
List of participants not attributed with new features of filter and sorting
Direct seeding in a position via the participants' list
Direct seeding of a participant via a position
Easy exchange of two participants
Direct edit of the stage from this view
Thorough accompaniment during the whole seeding phase

✨ Add external images in the articles (Premium)

From the Articles menu, you can now add external images which become embedded in your text during the creation of your article

✨ Customization (Premium)

From the settings of your website, you can customize:
The "header"
"Game's cards"

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ New platforms available during the creation of a tournament (PS5 - XBOX series X/S - VR)
🐛 Fixed minor bug

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