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October's schedule: bugs correction, affiliated organizations, visuals update...

New features

✨ Bracket format's display

It is now possible to choose between two displays for the Bracket format
The extended view which allow a classic view

The compact view which allow a simplified view (recommended for large brackets)

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ Improvement of the tournament's path
⬆️ Improvement of the management of the match's chat
⬆️ Improvement of the French translation on the tournament space
🐛 Fixed minor bugs
🐛 Fixed multiple bugs degrading the tournament experience on mobile (match, results...)
🐛 Fixed multiple visual bugs on Playce (video, text color, menu...)

New features

✨ Affiliated Organization (Premium)

It is now possible to affiliate organizations to a main organization. This simplifies the navigation between all the organizations who depend on the same organization and allows to create link between them.

You can share your invitation code with organizations who want to join you
You can navigate in your affiliated organization

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ Addition of the possibility to translate in "japanese"
⬆️ Addition of Instagram in the social network list
⬆️ When you start a tournament before the due date, the date/hour is automatically changed in the tournament's settings
🐛 Fixed minor bugs
🐛 Fixed bugs which lad to a wrong match's distribution in League format
🐛 Fixed bugs preventing the good management of the tickets for orphan's tournament
🐛 Fixed bug removing the article's poster when this article is edited
🐛 Fixed bug putting the captain's username instead of putting the team's name in the Bracket format
🐛 Fixed bug distorting images in the matchs' chat

Improvements and fixes
🐛 Fixed minor bugs
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