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The month of December ends with the last novelties of the year: Gauntlet format, tournaments view overhaul

New features

✨Tournaments view overhaul

The tournaments view has been completely revised for better navigation. You can now access a clean view of the tournament list thanks to the navigation bar which gives you access to:
A view including a selection of tournaments from each state
A view listing all the tournaments in each state (Now playing, Next or Finished)

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ Improvement of the texts in the help modal
🐛 Fixed minor bugs
🐛 Fixed a bug preventing the display of the results in the player area when the participant has too many matches in a phase

New features

✨ Addition of the Preview

You can now access to the tab Preview during the seeding stage. This will allow you to preview the layout of your stages and make the necessary modifications to your tournament. With this new functionality, you will be able to manage more easily the order of meetings between your participants and bring spectacular competition to your community.

Preview of the Bracket

Preview of the Gauntlet

Preview of the Round Robin

✨ Gauntlet format

A new tournament's format is available. You can now create tournaments with a fourth format, the Gauntlet. This format allow you to highlight an existing ranking between your participants, the weakest in the ranking having to face each participant above him to hope to face the first.

Improvements and fixes
⬆️ Improved management of action buttons in the placement phase
⬆️ Improvement of the texts in the help modals
⬆️ Improved management of personalization components (Premium)
⬆️ Addition of animation to improve the experience during tournament management
🐛 Fixed minor bugs
🐛 Fixed minor visual bugs in the placement phase (color, highlight...)

Improvements and fixes
🐛 Fixed minor bugs
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